Please enjoy browsing our image vault. You will find images that are published inside our web pages as well as other images which we have not included in the standard content of the Heli-Chair website.



We have numerous images in our vault. Browse THE IMAGE VAULT here in FTP format. You can click below to link directly to the following categories:

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0 Start Here this folder contains most of the images that we have not placed on the website's html pages. there are additional images of helicopters, heli-chairs, people, radio equipment, video system and other images
advertising images scans of our published advertisements
aerial imagery this folder has images from on-board our stable camera platform as well as images of the cameras and helicopters used to take the aerial photos. the folder "phases" are sequential, that is phase A is the earliest testing and progresses through B, C, etc...
bergen intrepid gasser images of our bergen intrepid gasser aerial imaging platform and remotely piloted helicopter of choice
kyosho caliber 30 our prefered training helicopter, the kyosho caliber 30 helicopter is easy to maintain and cheap to repair
design photos images of the workings of the heli-chair, or at least as close as you're going to find short of buying one or buying the plans.
external load our unique weight lifting contest and proof that model helicopters can do some serious lifting. the bergen intrepid lifts 10 pounds of weight comfortably and can lift as much as 15 pounds in a hover. the heli-chair is a powerful tool for external load training.
field equipment and other see all the equipment necessary to keep a helicopter flying. this includes images of our training gear (the outriggers used to make hard landings easier) and our flight simulator interface for computer flight simulators.
kyosho nexus 30 the roots of the project, this was our first helicopter used in the late 1990's as our test platform.
pilot vision images of our remotely piloted helicopter project. these pictures are show details of the equipment used to accomplish this amazing feat.
product images the heart and soul of heli-chair is of course the product line that we offer to our customers. browse this folder to find images of the things we sell!
training pays off it really does pay to learn how to hover with the heli-chair. we have concrete proof that training works!
t-shirts do you love to hover? prove it with one of our awesome heli-chair t-shirts and other logo merchandise