fly on cold days or in rainy weather by using the computer software interface. software shown is Great Planes RealFlight G3

field gear you'll need for operating a typical glow powerd helicopter such as the Kyosho Caliber 30

helicopter fuel is a mix of approximately 70% methanol, 15% nitromethane and 15% synthetic oil. shipping fuel incurs a hazzardous materials fee, so we recommend finding a local hobby shop to purchase or order online with a company you trust such as tower hobbies.

here are some photos of the rotopod helicopter training gear, the rotopod delux, part number ROT1000, is available at for around $70.00. the delux version uses carbon fiber legs and is better than the wood version for one primary reason, the carbon legs don't absorb oil. as you can see, the legs get quite oily. there are two sets of holes in the white plastic body of the rotopod. one set is angled and elevates your helicopter off the ground, allowing for a little bounce with hard landings. the second set of holes allows for flat arrangement of the legs. i like to mount the whiffle balls on the legs using clamps and washers, rather than the inexpensive plastic hardware that comes with the rotopod. the real key is the central pivot. they supply you with a conical rubber washer that you can snug up loosely and still allow the helicopter to pivot. in the pictures below, the pencil represents the landing gear of the helicopter and depicts how you clamp the skids to the rotopod.