The Heli-Chair (or HeliChair) helicopter flight training device is a helicopter flight emulator, not a simulator. Emulation of the flight dynamics of a helicopter is very difficult for a computer flight simulation to accomplish, therefore the Heli-Chair utilizes a real helicopter to give you hands-on training. You will be flying from a mock-up cockpit that has all the same controls as a full size helicopter; a cyclic, collective and throttle, and anti-torque pedals which fixed-wing pilots often refer to as rudder pedals. The helicopter is remotely controlled from the helicopter cockpit mock-up. All of the physics, fluid dynamics, and other aerodynamics of rotary wing flight apply. Nothing is left out because it is real, not simulated. Wind gusts, ground effect, settling with power...every last detail. The Heli-Chair is a very high fidelity flight simulator.

Learning to hover the remote control helicopter entails all the same motor skills and mastery of flight that you will be required to have if you are to fly a full size helicopter with an FAA pilot certificate. Flight training with the Heli-Chair is very effective and has been proven to teach students how to fly the real thing! You can impress your flight instructor at the local flight school by going for your first flight and hovering, when most people take hours and hours to master that skill. Spend your expensive flight time and hourly costs of training on something besides learning how to move your hands and feet. Learn the basics of hovering, forward flight, pedal turns and more using this unique flight training device.

Purchasing and operating the Heli-Chair is relatively simple and inexpensive in comparison with full size helicopters. Please explore our website and contact us if you have further questions about how the Heli-Chair can teach you how to fly, or just plain how to have fun!