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Sherpa Unlimited is a group of free thinking, detail oriented crastsmen, designers, engineers and scientists; all dedicated to pushing brainpower and abilities to the maximum. Our solutions are created using the most innovative technology, equipment, partners and people available for the job.

If you don't see a specific example of how we can work for you, just ask. We create, design, build and solve some of the worlds most challenging problems, including yours.
The world around us changes everyday. Our philosophy is to attack each problem with a fresh perspective and apply our fundamental knowledge of a wide array of diciplines of science, art and technology to develop a truly innovative solution.

By approaching your needs this way, we are offfering you something much more than a facility full of dated equipment. You get something dynamic and adaptable, we call it the 'ultimate solution'.
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Kas finds his strength in pushing computers and digital technology to its limits. With nine years experience using leading edge software tools, he is able to make short work of our engineering problems. A degree in metallurgy and materials engineering lends us expertise in this critical phase of the design process.

His most passionate interest stems from a childhood obsession with remote control sailplanes. The culmination of his fascination with flight has recently evolved into the position of test pilot with one of our customers.
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