If you want to fly a real helicopter, getting serious about an ultralight might be the cheapest way you can do it. They are affordable and can provide you a good start in rotary winged flight. Some will argue about their safety, and with good reason. But with a cool head and plenty of precautions, you can certainly have safe fun in an ultralight helicopter. We are now offering you an enormous advantage with this adventure by providing a way to learn how to fly in your very own helicopter, without leaving the ground!

The Heli-Chair technology is adapted to a Mosquito (from Innovator Tech in Canada) and you'll learn the basics while flying a model from the safety of the ground. Many people will hop in an ultralight and try to fly without instruction, with disastrous results. Please contact us if you are interested! We are working closely with the great team of Mosquito sales persons to ensure that we can offer you exactly what you need.

Click here to check out our plans page. The Mosquito plans package is being finalized now and will be offered for a slight increase in price over the base package. Included will be numerous detailed photos from a field tested and proven installation.