You have come to the right place to learn about wiring systems and installing avionics in your experimental aircraft. These pages are starting to fill with content. As our instructors prepare your lessons they are making sure to keep your best interest in mind. We will make sure that you learn everything you need to successfully install your radios and instruments!

We have some free electrical wiring videos here. You can learn how to solder, how to crimp and other things too. We have done a few presentations at the EAA SportAir workshops at various locations around the country, maybe you've seen us there! We were in Watsonville in March as well as in Calgary, Canada. Coming in 2007, we will be at Watsonville again presenting at Aircrafters LLC in June, we'll also be traveling to Arlington, Washington; Phoenix and Denver.


We have experience with Garmin, Apollo, Ryan and more. If you have an installation or wiring question, we can help! If you need custom electrical system circuit design, ask us about our hourly consulting rates. We can gladly help you design your avionics systems, your airframe systems and more. Are you having trouble understanding how to wire your trim system with dual coolie hats or push buttons? Do you need a relay to lock-out the co-pilot or over-ride with pilot inputs on the trim switches? Do you need to setup a reversible flap switch? All it takes is for you to send us an email or fill out our online web-userform. In many cases, you will get an answer to your question within hours. Go ahead, contact us and see how we can help you make your aircraft safer and more reliable. Afterall, when you're up flying, there is no worse feeling than wondering if something is going to go wrong!

Here is our wiring FAQ to get you started: Wiring 101 - The basic FAQ

If you want to get a preview of our electrical education series of workshops, we will be presenting a one hour talk at the Central Sierra Helicopter Meet in near Groveland, CA on May 5th and 6th, 2007. You might consider signing up for the Watsonville SportAir workshop in June if you want to get the full experience. Read more about the CSHM event here.

Below is a presentation we created that is intended to get you kickstarted with building a sophisticated kit-built aircraft such as the Lancair IV-P, Turbine Legend, Glasair III and others. Of course, the concepts presented are applicable to the construction of ANY aircraft, so the content really is interesting to anyone involved in building their own aircraft. Let us know if you like it, we'll gladly come and present the information for your group! If you want to download the powerpoint presentation, that file is here. (Please give credit where due if you pass this information on to anyone). We will present the information to your group, no matter the size of the crowd, from 1 to 100 people. We have experience in building most types of experimentals ranging from ultralights to the Lancair IV-P.