Last revised Jan 18, 2007 - This page is intended to notify customers of service bulletins that may apply to their Heli-Chair. In the interest of flight safety, we make it our goal to keep everyone aware of possible issues with maintenance, design and operation issues associated with the Heli-Chair.

HCB001 has been solved with the new versions of the Heli-Chair, new customers will no longer have to inspect their potentiometer grips.

HCB001 - There is currently one operational alert we would like to broadcast to our customers. The potentiometer grip mechanism has been showing signs of slippage on various systems. Though in our prototype model, the potentiometers have endured many years of use, when a Heli-Chair is sent to a customer, many diverse operating conditions give different results.

One customer has indicated to us the slippage of the collective potentiometer. The way to preflight for this sort of failure is to check the actual servo motions compared to the position of the controls. If you are experiencing slippage of a potentiometer inside it's grip, you will notice that the control won't zero properly anymore, or that the idle position isn't at idle, for example.

Please let us know immediately if you have experienced anything like this so that we can engineer a solution if necessary. Again, this is a single reported problem, but could potentially be dangerous. Be sure to thoroughly preflight every time you fly and if anything ever seems to be changing, STOP and investigate. Any number of things can go wrong with flying machines like helicopters and safety is of utmost importance.