Heli-Chair is a down to earth company with down to earth people.  Our product was born from our love for aircraft and curiosity in flight. The original Heli-Chair was created in a workshop over eight years ago. Since then, the product has proven itself and has underwent numerous modifications and improvements. Whatever you buy from us will be very high quality and undergo the same scrutiny that full size aircraft are subjected to.

At Heli-Chair, we strive to support our products and we firmly believe in their functionality. We are so focused on the details that your Heli-Chair will come with an FAA Rotorcraft Flying Handbook, a logbook and optionally you can pay a little extra for a Hobbs meter to keep track of each and every 1/10th hour you log flying the aircraft.

The Heli-Chair and it's creators are an innovative team capable of tayloring your 'Chair to specific needs and requests. No idea is too far fetched for us, we will make it happen!

Sincerely, and best flying,

The Heli-Chair Team